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Chadar Trek : A Complete Guidance

The Chadar trek or the frozen river trek is different level of adventure which you do not get from other usual trekking trails. It will remain life long memory once you experience the trek.


Chadar Trek: A Complete Guidance 

The Chadar trek or the frozen river trek is different level of adventure which you do not get from other usual trekking trails. It will remain life long memory once you experience the trek. Located in Ladakh, in Himalayan range, The Chadar Trek is also an opportunity to feel you proud of yourself as the trek is presented as it only can be undertaken by strong and brave personality.

Chadar means bed sheet in Hindi language. The name itself defines the trek. It’s a frozen river trek which is really different than usual treks operating around the world. During the winter season the Zanskar River in Ladakh freezes and thick of ice covers the river completely which allows walk on it. The thick sheet of ice looks really same as a sheet of the bed, The Chadar in Hindi.

The 62 Km long Chadar Trek takes you to maximum height of about 3,596 meters from the sea level. Formally, your journey starts at Leh, the largest town and one of the capitals of Ladakh. After acclimatizing your body at Leh, we drive up to first campsite at Shingra, which is 70 km from the Leh in about 3 hours. While driving to the campsite you will see some breathtaking picturesque moments while the vehicle bends in narrow turning points. The way goes through the beautiful Indus River. You will the meeting point of Indus River & Zanskar River at Nimmu. The Chadar Trek completes on eighth day from Singra Yokma campsite.


Itinerary of Chadar Trek:

DAY 01: Arrival at Leh and transfer to Hotel

DAY 02: Acclimatization Day: Pre Trip Meeting

DAY 03 Insurance, Medical and Trek Preparation day

DAY 4: Drive to Shingra Koma via Shingra and Trek to Tso Mo

DAY 5: Trekking to Tibb from TSO MO

DAY 06: Trekking from Tibb to Nerak

DAY 07: Trekking back to Tibb from Nerak

DAY 08: Trekking from Tibb to Shingra Yokma and drive back to Hotel

DAY 9: Trip Extension or Departure


For the Package details along with detailed itinerary, please go through this link: - Chadar Trek


Food & Accommodation during Chadar Trek:

You really have a plenty of options to stay in Leh as per your budget. Normal guest houses to Star Hotels and Resorts are available in Leh.  You can choose the hotel as per your wish, in normal hotels you can again choose to fully heated or semi heated rooms which make the difference on total cost.

Your overnight shall be arranged under the tent camp during the trek, which is only option in this trek.

You can order as per your wish and have your meals in hotel in Leh and you will get full board meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) with Tea/Coffee and snacks during the trek
All meals (provided by us) are hygienic, vegetarian with/without Eggs.  


Packing List for Chadar Trek:

  • Back pack with cover 
  • Day Pack with cover
  • Thermal Inners
  • Waterproof and Windproof Jacket & Pant
  • Scarfs/ Neck bands/ Headbands
  • Light and comfortable cloth
  • Trekking Pants/Trousers
  • Down Jacket
  • Gaiters
  • Sports Bras for Ladies
  • Cap or Hat
  • Woolen Cap
  • Head torch and spare batteries
  • Trekking Boots
  • Sandals
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Woolen gloves
  • Cotton Socks
  • Woolen Socks
  • Gumboot  
  • Trekking Poles
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camera
  • Polarized sunglasses with UV protection
  • Water Bottle/hydration pack

Medicines and Toiletries including:

  • Diamox tablets
  • Blister Plasters
  • Water sterilizing and neutralizing tablets
  • Sunscreen cream:
  • Lip Balm
  • Face masks
  • Tampons for Ladies


Trekking gears are available on rent in Leh, subject to available. You are advised to bring all trekking gear from your home as there are limited options in Leh during the winter season and they cannot be fitting you which makes comfortable on your trekking. (We still can assist you to get them booked as per your size if you book on time.)


Best Season for Chadar Trek:

The best season to operate the Chadar Trek is just two months of winter when Zanskar River Freezes. January and February are the moths to conduct the India’s wildest and Glamorous Trek- Chadar Trek.

Getting Chadar Trek from Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore

There are other two options along with the fly to reach Leh from your city in normal days but the flight is only and best option during winter. There are direct flights from major Indian cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.   

Airport name of Leh is Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport, which is situated at elevation of 3256 meters from the sea level. Leh airport is considered as one of the highest located airports in the world. No one can predict the Trans Himalayan weather so there is a chance of getting flight delayed or cancelled. Due to heavy winds from the nearest mountains during day and evening, only flights can be operated in the morning.


How much does Chadar Trek costs?

Actually, no tour package can be said whether it is expensive or cheap by just reading its price offered by tour operators. There are some factors which make the price difference including total days and activities you are offered form the operators. Regarding Chadar Trek there is no different on itineraries due to winter season and the nature of the trek so only the factor which makes difference on the pricing are Food & Accommodation, Facilities during the trek and Safety and Security provided by the operators. Here they are in short brief:

Food & Accommodation

Where do you stay in Leh? There are many options for you to stay in Hotels from normal guest houses to Star Hotels and Resorts which makes difference in your total cost.

And off course, the food makes another difference in the pricing. What types of Food are being offered to you makes the difference.

Service during Trek

Experienced and High Qualified Trek Leader or guides, who knows everything including the nature of the Leh, Zanskar River, Weather, Ice Sheets of the River, Risk Factor, Food, Camp and many more definitely charges more than normal guys. Increasing numbers of Cook, Porter and Service Staffs also make the difference in your total budget.

Safety & Security

If we discuss about the equipment, quality and condition comes along with it which will make differ in your cost. Equipment used during your trek along with basic items to other items which will guarantee safety and security of guests during the trek makes price difference.

Filed staffs put their 100% effort to keep the trip safe and they assist to guests to gain full enjoy. They do not compromise to feel you relaxed during your stay with them so they work always in risk in these conditions. If we talk especially about Chadar Trek, they will check the ice sheets whether they are okay to walk or not and they will also have to assist you to walk through river where is no ice sheet through the ropes! As we all know that they will also walk carrying all items along with our baggage. So, the price depends on their numbers, insurance, wages and all.

Note: Unlike others we, Luxury Holidays India pays the high salary to encourage them for better services and we keep them insured with the insurance policy which will cover them in case of any accident due to unwanted circumstances.

Therefore, please do not jump for the trekking with someone who seems cheaper in pricing, read them, their offerings and your services.


Health Tips for Chadar Trek

You have enough days from day one to day three to acclimatize your body in altitude of about 10,500 meters from sea level but you still have to concern about your health regarding high altitude sickness. You need to save your feet and specially toes during your walk. The temperature during your whole Chadar trek will be +2 degrees to -30 degrees so you must think of it before selecting your trekking gears. Hence, you need best trekking shoes and you should wear 4 layers of clothing and also don’t forget to be hydrated all the times.

Again, if your guide/team leader is well experienced and field staffs are friendly and helpful you will have best support and you will get best advice to cope in these situations.

Does fitness Exercise required for Chadar Trek?

If you are going to trek in high altitude, you are advised to conduct physical fitness training for three months prior to your trek. In high altitude trails we feel less oxygen due to thin air if we build aerobic fitness we can easily cope with this problem. It will increase your ability to take less air for more work and strengthens your heart which reduces the risk of stroke.

You can go for daily walk or take longer for your morning or evening walk in order to keep your legs active. Moreover, if you go for regular swimming, your body will be fit which will help you to adjust in these conditions and walk regularly throughout your trek.


 Please go thru this link if you would like to read all the FAQs regarding Chadar Trek:- FAQs of Chadar Trek