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Everest Base Camp Trek: Best Trekking Trail for the Adventure Lover

Everest Base Camp Trek also known as EBC Trek or just the base camp trek in Nepal offers you plenty of experience in the lap of the Himalayas. The Everest is not just famous as top of the world but the Everest region is the live adventurous museum for the person who loves nature, culture and adventu


30 Interesting Facts about Mount Everest

The top of the world, Mt Everest is not only the most revered but one of the fascinating altitudinal mountain tops in the world. Situated between the borders of Nepal and Tibet of China, it welcomes hundreds of thousands people each year topping the top of the word by climb or trekking to its audaci



Chadar Trek : A Complete Guidance

The Chadar trek or the frozen river trek is different level of adventure which you do not get from other usual trekking trails. It will remain life long memory once you experience the trek.